Vojtěch Kiss

An animator, artist and comics creator. Studied classical animation in Zlín. Didn’t finish the school but that’s where he started his 5–years–long work on an the animated film Spider’s Anatomy (27 min, 2014). As an animator he collaborated on a number of projects – the series Deep in Moss (2016), Overboard! (2019), Love is Just a Death Away (2020), Mice Belong to Heaven (2020) or Tonda, Slávka and the Genius (in the making, release date 2022).

As a designer artist he collaborated on a number of commercials and the art concepts and props making for the project Promena VR based on Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis or for the project Binderiana currently in development.

He organizes site-specific events – the distribution tour of a group of animated films True Love or a composed evening Night of Churches in Libotenice. He lead animation workshops for kids and one year worked as a construction worker.


Spider's Anatomy

The film shows a vision of a bleak city. A spider's web when viewed from above, concrete organism from the inside, dense sediments of people moving through its veins and threads in its guts. One of them is engineer Spider.



Events organization